oldOtter helps you with all things marketing.

We work with you to create strategies that help your business grow. We design websites to strengthen your online presence and promote your brand. We create content to engage your audience. We know marketing, we love marketing, we help you with all things marketing.


Did you know otters use tools? Only a few other mammals do. Otters are super creative and very resourceful! We at oldOtter use creative tools to design awesome creative solutions.

An otter's tool kit consists of rocks and sticks to crack open clams and abalone for dinner. We at oldOtter don’t use rocks (all of the time), but we are pretty good with some other tools.


How does oldOtter help you?

Similar to Aristotle, we teach that the sum of marketing is greater than the individual parts of marketing. Your marketing, as whole (strategy, mix, technology landscape, etc.), is better than you would expect from any one individual campaign, event, plan, etc. This is because marketing is synergistic, as your marketing parts combine, the quality, value and impact are exponentially greater! There are three main areas oldOtter helps out with:

oldOtter helps you design solutions for your marketing needs. oldOtter has helped businesses design: marketing strategies, websites and landing pages, graphics and layouts, pricing strategies, distribution strategies, policies and procedures, eCommerce, reports, e-mail campaigns, and more.

design     [ dih-zahyn ]


  1. to plan and fashion with thought and intention, artistically or skillfully.

More than social media, oldOtter will help you evaluate and optimize how you reach your audience—and, how to increase your reach! This may include technology tools, digital outlets, traditional channels, and more. Remember, marketing is market-ing! oldOtter helps you identify the most impactful media by helping you identify your market.

media     [ mee-dee-uh ]


  1. a plural of medium.
  2. the means used to reach and/or influence an audience.

A genuine interest in the
wants, needs, and desires of people—oldOtter believes this is the heart of marketing. We help you communicate your brand, products, message, and values more effectively. Marketing is all about connectivity and how our communication impacts people. oldOtter helps you communicate your values and passion to increase your audience engagement and advocacy.

communication     [ kuh-myoo-ni-key-shuh n ]


  1. the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information.
  2. a document or message sharing news, views, information, etc.

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